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Fees and Payment method

Fees and payment method both forDealers and Individual Customers

(1) Fees for Auction and Transaction Cost
Fees and Cost are necessary as specified in the table below:
Agent commission 50,000jpy
Auction Tender fee 15,000jpy
Domestic transportation fee (Auction site - GB2 - Port) 13,000 - 42,900jpy
Customs clearance fee 13,000jpy
Documentation fee 15,000jpy
Storage at port 500jpy per day
Documents mailing fee 1,500 - 4,000jpy (Actual cost)
Receiving bank commission 4,000jpy

  1. The bidding price at auction is the net car value under "as it is" condition at Auction site, and does not include cost and fees specified in above figure, nor ocean freight and marine insurance.
  2. Deposit toGB2 before participating the Auctions are as follows:
    (a) ¥100000 per one bid : In case the bidding price is less than ¥1,000,000.
    (b) 10% of bidding price: In case the bidding price is over than ¥1,000,001.
  3. The price specified in above figure is for one passenger car to be shipped by RO-RO(Roll on - Roll off) vessels.
  4. Payment method should be Telegraphic Transfer to our Bank account.
  5. The bank commission for remittance and receiving banks will be borne by you, and the amount of money we receive in our bank shall be net contract value of the car.
  6. The Remittance should be transferred to the following detailed address:
    (1) Beneficiary`s name: GRAHAM BERRY 2 CO., LTD.
    (2) Beneficiary`s account number: 454-0044853
    (3) Account with Bank:
          The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
          KASHIWA Branch
    (4) Address of the Bank: 4-1, Suehiro-cho, Kashiwa-city, China 277-0842 Japan

(2) Price Basis
We will quote the price of your car under one of the following price basis:
  1. FOB (Free On Board): Vehicle cost plus all charges specified in above figure, not including ocean freight and marine insurance.
  2. C & I (Cost & Insurance): FOB plus marine Insurance.
  3. C & F (Cost & Ocean Freight) FOB plus Ocean Freight.
  4. CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) FOB plus Marine Insurance and Ocean Freight.

(3) Extra fees
Transport & other fees after successful award are as follows:
  1. Extra charges for Terminal Handling / Banning / Drag charge will be asked if shipping by container.
  2. Extra charge for transportation will be asked if the auction houses are out of Tokyo Metropolitan area.
  3. If pre-shipment inspection is required by customs regulation of your country, we can arrange it at actual cost.
    (Example: JAAI Pre-Shipment Inspection including the original certificate in English costs additional 35,000yen.)
  4. Extra fees will be asked on other optional services such as "reconditioning" or "repair" by your order.
  5. Marine Insurance is not included in the FOB and C&F. We will arrange marine insurance by your order.

(4) Other Conditions
  1. Conditions of vehicles are "as it is" base.
  2. All Japanese vehicles are right hand drive.
  3. We usually arrange shipment by Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO) vessel. Depend on your request, we will arrange a container vessel too.
  4. The payment which is not paid in full within the limited period (7 days after the date of our E-mail sending Proforma Invoice of the car) is considered in default.
  5. If the payment falls in default, we reserve the right to dispose the vehicle. In such case, the importer or customer has responsibility for all extra charges and expenses caused by the default and its disposal.
  6. If you want to cancel agency services by GB2, we will repay the deposit to you after deducting the auction fee of Yen. 8,000 and necessary bank charges for remittance back to you.
  7. We do not issue invitation letter for auction tour.

(5) Our Liability
  1. We have no responsibility for any miss descriptions on the auction sheet by staffs who belong to auction operators.
  2. We have no responsibility for any defects and damage in any vehicles purchased in the auction. They are "as it is" condition.
  3. Vehicles once confirmed or purchased, cannot be cancelled without incurring cancellation charges.
  4. We have no responsibility for any kind of accidents during the shipment.
  5. There are no guarantee under F.O.B and C&F basis, for missing parts and accessories and any damages on the vehicle after the vehicle is brought to the port of loading.

(6)Explanation of Auction Sheet and Grade
Exterior Grade
Level Condition
S As new condition.Registered within 3month or under 5,000kms
5 Mint condition.As new condition. No dents and no paint scratches.
4.5 Excellent condition. Very minor dents or paint scratches.
4 Very good condition. A few slight dents and paint scratches,well repaired
3.5 Good condition with some minor dents and minor scratches.
3 Average condition with obvious dents and scratches.some repairs required.
2 Below normal,unsatisfied condition,some serious repairs required.
1 The car which suffered the disaster
Body has defects by hail or body size has been modified.
R or A Vehicle with Accident and damaged history.but repairable,or re-conditioned.
RA Very minor accident history.
*** Accident car or "As it condition".
Interior Grade
Level Condition
A As new condition. No faults.
B Very clean condition with slightly dirty.
C Clean but with cigarette burn.
D Dirty,stink or big wear/rip on seats
A/C Air-Conditioner
P/S Power-Steering
P/W Power Windows/Electric window
A/W Alloy Wheels
Navi GPS navigator system-Japan use only
S/R Sun Roof
A/B Air Bag
L/S Full Leather Seats
ABS Anti-lock Brakes
R/K Remote Key.Keyless entry
Explanation of Auction Sheet and Grade

(7) Samples of Documents
Sample of Pro-Forma Invoice Sample of Commercial Invoice Sample of Packing List
Sample of Certificate of Origin Sample of Bill of Lading (B/L)]  
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