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Market  (Used car market in Japan)

In Japan, 3.43 million new cars are registered every year, while 4.57 million used cars are put on sale in the market in a year, out of which 30%, 1.34 million used cars are exported to more than 130 countries including Russia, Chili, Mongolia, and South Africa etc... (Data from JUMVEA 2008) Specific merit to buy Japanese used car is that they are remarkably of good quality owing to services and repairs required for passing examinations and periodical inspections strictly imposed by the laws of Japanese Government.

Distribution method of used car is well established and efficiently operated by auction system spread all over Japanese market, at 170 venues for total sale of more than 2 million cars in a year, making use of personal computers and internet communications. For instance, out of 15,000 units` weekly stock list of passenger cars, trucks and construction machineries, auctions are performed bidding one car in seven seconds making use of 10 TV screens simultaneously, and selling off all 15,000 units in stock.

Your sales activities of used cars purchased from Japan will satisfy your customers, and thus it will bring you a good profit and your customers a large merit respectively. In order to secure and prove you good quality of Japanese used cars, we are ready to provide you with an official inspection certificate issued by JAAI after being inspected by an engineer of JAAI before shipment takes place. For example, in case of export to Kenya, pre-shipment inspection is compulsory required, and GB2 will arrange on your behalf eligibility inspection on road driving before shipment and obtain inspection certificate issued by JEVIC who is nominated and authorized by Kenyan Government.
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