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How to choose your car

For Dealers

GB2 is looking for business partners of used Japanese Cars in the following markets to work as our authorized dealers on long term relationship:
   • African continent,
   • EU region,
   • South East Asia.

One Click could be the beginning of
a huge increase in revenue for your auto business!

Each week we attend more than 10 auto auctions in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and make selection for our clients from a base of over 50,000 excellent used cars.

We are an authorized member of auto auctions mention below;

-USS Auctions, JAA, JU, CAA , RAA, ARAI truck ,Toyota, Nissan, and so on...
Now you can join us and select the vehicles you want!
The auctions are held every day in Japan.
You can come to us any time and find out just how big these auctions are!

Conditions of business performance for Dealers

• GB2 supplies any used cars nominated by dealers.
• Dealers are expected to send GB2 enquiries for several models for own stock, nominating model codes of any Japanese makers, types of cars, years of production and/or other specifications, if required specifically.
• Dealers are expected to place orders to GB2 every month constantly in order to keep their appropriate stock of used cars.
• Quantity to be supplied to dealers shall be from minimum three (3) units with mixture of any models for one shipment.
• GB2 can supply cars from own ready stock listed in its URL.
Dealers can enquire interested units out of GB2`s stock in above URL.
• GB2 can also supply cars from auctions weekly held in Japan.
• Cars can be modified in some area if required by dealers.
• GB2 is ready to supply spare parts of any models with ten years life time.
• GB2 will arrange all necessary procedures and all related paper procedures
for shipment of cars to the port of destination after the contract is
concluded between the Dealer and GB2, and payment is completed
in accordance with manners specified below:

Payment conditions

  1. When the Dealer nominates interested models in either GB2` stock or out of auctions in Japan, GB2 offers prices of those models.
  2. When the Dealer desires further negotiations with GB2 for purchasing units out of GB2`s stock, twenty (20) % of cars` value shall be remitted to GB2 as guarantee money to keep those cars for dealers` priority right for negotiation. While, cars are nominated out of auction, then Dealers shall remit 50 (fifty) % of cars` value to GB2 as guarantee money mentioned above.
  3. When prices of cars are agreed, GB2 will send a Proforma Invoice by E-mail on the same day of agreement to the Dealer. And the Dealer will remit the balance of agreed value and the guarantee money to GB2 within seven (7) days after the date of E-mail sending the Proforma Invoice.
  4. Remittance commission will be borne the dealer. The amount of money received in our bank account should be the net contract value.

For Individual Customers

If you plan to buy and import Japanese used car directly from GB2, first of all, please inform us your desired model name and its production year. GB2 will inform you the market rate of your desired model in Japan as well as its grade and equipment in detail. You are requested to check the market price in your country, engine displacement, engine type, grade and equipment, and also to confirm whether these specifications are compatible to laws and regulations of registration of used cars in your country. If you find any point which does not accord with your regulations, please so let us know. GB2 will find and offer you another similar model satisfying the regulations.

When the target car is decided, GB2 will advise you the cheapest and quickest way to buy your desired car. Your buying chance will be fully supported by either one of the following three methods:
(1) Purchase from GB2`s ample stock.
(2) Purchase from our network in Japan by our introduction.
(3) Purchase from daily used car auctions.
We are confident in providing you with a suitable car to your request quickly and responsibly, because GB2 have been procuring used cars with moderate price and good quality through entire market of Japan every day by our professional staffs qualified by JAAI as an appraiser of cars. Cars are procured only after each unit is inspected its body, engine, transmission and electric appliances, and has passed through careful examination. And these cars will be delivered to you safely by our shipping arrangement on the boat you nominate.
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