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GB2`s Performance of maintenance and repair services

Remodeling Job

Body repair and remodeling job, including panel beating are also in GB2`s line. Conversion from RHD to LHD is our unique technique among of all remodeling jobs. All parts, devices and equipment around pedals, steering gears and instrument panels related to the conversion jobs are well assorted and installed achieving beautiful finish. GB2 is cooperating with network fellows in manufacturing unique muffler, and developing shock absorbers for Lancer Evolution WRC model and other underbody parts utilizing TIG welding (Tungsten inert gas welding).

GB2`s Performance of maintenance and repair services

Maintenance and repair services are quite important for our continuous growth, especially, in Japan. Graham Berry2 has high-level technical abilities and wide experience in maintenance and repair jobs. Equipments for maintenance, repair and inspection are fully equipped with under the better control system. Diagnosis equipment of Car computer control system, Hydraulic and Mechanical lifts, Beam tester, Exhaust gas analyzer, Wheel alignment device and Tire balancing device are a part of our servicing equipment. By making full use of these equipments as well as high ability of long experienced mechanics, all cars sold by GB2 are adapted to "Safety Standard" of Japanese regulations.

Our friendly companies are linked into GB2 network for synergy effect. For example, we can purchase parts jointly with fellow companies in the network for the purpose of cost down and fewer stocks. Commanding equipments and techniques mentioned above, GB2 is targeting to supply high quality cars to all customers, ready to use conditions, satisfying customers` expectation, safely and comfortable use conditions right after delivery. GB2 is proud of selling good secondhand cars supported by its own high level technique.
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