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Outline of Business

Our business lines are composed of the following elements:
1. Domestic sales of used cars
2. Export of used cars
3. Domestic sales of used forklift trucks
4. Export of used forklift trucks
5. Maintenance and Repair Services of used cars and forklift trucks
6. Domestic sale and export of spare parts and accessories for cars and forklift trucks

1. Used car business

(1) Domestic sales

Most dealers of used car have been trying to sell used cars as she is basis, and the target was to increase the profit ratio per one unit. We, Graham Berry 2,are different from them and think that, for overseas dealers, quick turnover of current assets (used cars) is the most important factor. Consequently, Graham Berry2 has been putting emphasize on quoting our sales prices on reasonable base making use of our large number of domestic sales data
through our own network long established in the domestic market.
Our important strategic points when supplying cars to our customers are "Distinctions".
  1. Distinction in cars purchasing manner (e.g. buying specialty cars at good prices.)
  2. Distinction in parts purchasing (e.g. buying directly from manufactures.)
  3. Distinction in offering prices (e.g. most competitive prices on even newer models.)
  4. Distinction in action participation and its information (e.g. participating in wider range of Japanese Auctions with ample and detailed information on cars at auction.)
As a result, our policy emphasizing "Distinction" is evaluated and appreciated at the quite high position in Japan, being recognized satisfying customers. Thus, Customers` satisfaction supports present Graham Berry2.

(2) Export of used cars

In case of export, we, Graham Berry2, are paying our prior attention to provide foreign dealers with our facility in wider selection of cars, being supported by our vast information resources through our domestic network. Graham Berry2 considers the following points are also very important for our business with foreign dealers:
  1. Parts should be guaranteed the long term supply and speedy delivery.
  2. Reasonable warranty period is linked up to the security in car driving.
  3. It is necessary to provide customers with full technical information even after delivery of the car.
  4. Specifications of each product of each customer should be confirmed and kept in our files for further maintenance services.

2. Used Forklift Trucks for Domestic sale and Export:

It is our principle that our business shall contribute to global environment through 3R policy, namely Reduce, Recycle and Reuse of natural resources. It is said that used cars & forklift trucks were cost bearing due to frequent busts and its maintenance services. Consequently, they have been discarded in early stage, which eventually lead to waste of resources. Taking 3R into consideration, "Graham Berry 2" built up a company policy to enforce after service activity, sales and export of used cars & forklift trucks. Used forklift trucks are endurable enough if they are given proper services and refurbishment. In this sense, "Graham Berry 2" started to supply you used forklift trucks under the concept and specifications specified below:

(1) Used forklift trucks of our original brand, "GB2 brand"

"GB2 brand" forklift trucks are reborn by refining similar to almost new, which is the forklift trucks of a new category. Prices are competitive and quality is similar to the new one, of cause ready for use right after delivery. Beautiful appearance is attractive and its performance, too.

(2) Authorized dealers:

We, Graham Berry2, are looking for a long lasing partner of GB2 forklift trucks. For this purpose, we would like to propose you that your company would take a chance to act as our authorized dealer, shearing the following concept with us;


  1. Our principle to export forklift trucks is "not to sell, as she is basis".
  2. Used forklift trucks will be exported after units are refined and tuned up its quality comparable to an almost new condition, namely "ready for use" with reasonable prices.
  3. These refined units are named "GB2Forklift Trucks" as our own brand.
  4. The refined units will be granted the warranty term of maximum three (3) months after shipment. Warranty conditions in details will be notified later.
  5. Units will be supplied with used basic machine made in Japan (TOYOTA, KOMATSU, NISSAN), and expendable parts will be replaced with new parts as specified below;
    Seat, tires, rubber parts, battery, likewise.
    Paint on muffler, body & mast painted and engine tuned up.
  6. Capacity: 1.5 tons with gasoline engine and 3,000 mm mast height.
  7. Time of life: Used forklift trucks are produced in past ten (10) years with operation hours between 5,000 and 10,000 hrs.
  8. Delivery period: Shipment will be executed in about three (3) weeks after receipt of your payment for full amount of the contract.

3. Maintenance and repair business:

Maintenance and repair services are quite important for our continuous growth, especially, in Japan. Graham Berry2 has high-level technical abilities and wide experience in maintenance and repair jobs. Equipments for maintenance, repair and inspection are fully equipped under the better control system. Our friendly companies will be linked into the GB2 network for synergy effect. For example, we can purchase parts jointly with fellow companies in the network for the purpose of cost down and fewer stocks.
GB2 is one of the leading companies of the strategy oriented and now made start up "3R operation", namely, "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Operation".
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