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Message from President Director

Vision and Message of "Graham Berry 2" Japan

Yoshiyuki Ishii/President Director

Yoshiyuki Ishii

President Director

We, "Graham Berry 2 Co. Ltd.", have been endeavoring to provide customers with reassurance and satisfaction throughout our business behavior, since its incorporation in 1992, where advanced level of repairs, after services on used passenger cars and sales of serviced cars with limited warranty had been adopted, prior to other car dealers. Repairs and after services are available at our own service shop. Thus, "Graham Berry 2" has been growing up as a trustworthy used car dealer and exporter.

As for export performance, tens of thousands used cars had been exported to over 137 countries and territories since 1996. Sustainable dealers reached over 40 in overseas market, which brought us continuous transactions with customers. Based on this vast experience, Graham Berry 2 started exporting refined used forklift trucks as a new line of our business.

It is our principle that our business will contribute to global environment through 3R policy, namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of natural resources. Caused by steep rise of crude oil price, various raw materials of cars and lift trucks are suffered from price appreciation, from which market is calling on effective utilization of used cars and lift trucks.

Bearing this 3R in our mind, we, "Graham Berry 2", will commit ourselves to keep brushing up our technical capability and information collection so that our customers may be fully satisfied by our performances, and are confident that our business behavior in handling used cars and lift trucks would help to put an end to waste resources, and consequently contribute to protect global environment.

Please give chances to us, "Graham Berry 2"

Yoshiyuki Ishii/President Director

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